Rainier Picking Party 2018

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Rainier Picking Party

Bluegrass Minstrels at the Rainier Picking Party 2018

The Rainier Picking Party was this past weekend, and we were fortunate enough to get an invite and open up the music stage this past Saturday.

We hit the road and made the scenic 1 1/2 hour drive off of the Key Peninsula and down south a little bit to the pretty town of Rainier, Washington. At least the long drive gave me lots of time for car warm-ups, right? I think this would be pretty awesome turned into a bluegrass song. 😉


The weather was chilly and there was some intermittent rain, but the crowds still came out to hear all of the awesome bands that came out to play some bluegrass!

Mrs. Whitmarsh

Rainier Picking Party Crowd

We had such a great time, and can’t wait to see everyone again next year (we hope!) I’m already planning on how I can get a camper for my crew and we can hit the road next summer and go see some music and unplug for a while. There were kids running around everywhere, and all kinds of interesting people playing music and just generally enjoying each other’s company – and the amazing burgers that the Lions were throwing out!

Here’s a little clip from the stage! I like to grab some of these once in a while, and it is so fun to see everything from the band’s perspective.


Also – it isn’t often that there are other bands playing at the same place as us, so it was a real treat to get to hang around for a while and watch the other bands play! Tried and Blue out of the Portland area stole MY heart with a tune about wanting to be an old woman. I’m a little obsessed.

Here’s a clip of them covering Aimee by Pure Prairie League. Lovely playing, guys!

We’re going to try and keep up more with the website, so make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow along. Soon you should be able to purchase merch and CD’s here, and mayyyyyybe even some digital downloads if we play our cards right. Stay tuned, and go play (or listen) to some music!
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